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Available Facilities

From our company and/or with our partners

  • Hot line telephone support during business hours (8:30am-5:30pm). Our staff is very experienced with both our solutions and the IBM i (iSeries or AS/400).

  • 24 hours emergency hotline number. The service is provided by the same quality staff members. We are here to keep your critical systems around the clock!

  • Product installation and setup can be provided by INTELLICOM's technical staff.

  • Product training and education are available and can be tailored to customers' specific environment. Training can be provided and the venue is optional - either within the customers' premises or at the INTELLICOM (and/or its Partners’) training facility.

  • INTELLICOM has four IBM i (iSeries or AS/400) i520-1way V5R3, V7R1 and i520-2ways V5R4, V6R1 to cater for in-house training and product support.

  • If desired, INTELLICOM (and/or its Partners) will dial into remote AS/400s to investigate technical problems.

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